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Fakeeh Care Group believes that its model of integrated healthcare, driven by academic education and technology, is the future.

Integrated healthcare involves providing primary, secondary and tertiary medical services, subspecialty and support services. The Group operates as a hub-and-spoke model, where a multi-specialty hospital acts as the hub and provides a full range of services, with support from the spokes – clinics and other auxiliary facilities – that offer everyday clinical services. Patients diagnosed with more serious conditions, and requiring specialist care, are directed to the hub for treatment.

Our approach is comparable to the model adopted in the US. Fakeeh Care Group is one of the few hospital groups in Saudi Arabia to operate in this way, distinguished by close collaboration and communication at every level of the care chain.

The benefits of an integrated healthcare approach are that the service provider can access a larger catchment area for greater coverage of patients’ daily health needs, leading to better operational efficiency and a significant reduction in costs.

The integrated model ensures that patients receive a seamless medical experience that leads to the best possible health outcomes.

The primary focus of integrated health care is to provide coordinated care for patients and their families seamlessly.

Achieving a higher quality of care as well as better health outcomes for our patients by making sure a patient transitions appropriately through the healthcare system.