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Fakeeh University Hospital -DUBAI


Fakeeh University Hospital located in Dubai is one of the largest healthcare facility of Fakeeh Care Group outside KSA. A world-class academic center where education, research and clinical care come together and translate into clinical excellence.

The hospital has the perfect combination of preventive and tertiary care. Leveraging the advantage of cutting-edge technology, makes the entire paradigm of care precise and efficient, thus bringing out the best patient outcomes.

First Teaching Hospital in Dubai
Full smart
Hospital Setup
Highest patient and
staff satisfaction
Largest ICU and ED Capacity
Multidisciplinery Surgical Services
Healing Environment

The essence of family-centric care is woven into the fabric, where the patient and family are educated on their conditions making them confident, alleviating anxiety and facilitating informed decisions throughout the care continuum.

This care delivery model is harbored in a smart and completely digitized hospital, making the patient records easily accessible for making precise and timely clinical decisions FUH has an integration of medical care, research and academia, use of evidence-based medicine, international affiliations, reference center for medical collaboration and perfect combination of medical education and high-quality patient care.

Fakeeh University Hospital delivers the best possible outcomes for its patients through smart technology and academic strengths. Built on an integrated healthcare model, the hospital brings you the legacy of over four decades of compassionate care – drawn from the renowned Fakeeh Care group based in Saudi Arabia.