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Our Corporate Philosophy is based on three commitments

Quality, Integration and Innovation. And our corporate strategic plan is designed to enable our organization to become a true integrated healthcare leader.

We have designed this section for existing and potential investors, as well as others who are keen to learn more about Fakeeh Care Group. In addition to annual reports, this section houses financial reports, ESG reports, Corporate Governance and recent news. Please check back often for new updated information on the Fakeeh Care Group.

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ESG Report
ESG Report


Accountable to the public to deliver high quality and sustainable healthcare

Quality improvement is constant incremental improvements to ensure patients receive the right care to deliver the best possible patient experience. High quality improvements also advance an organizations sustainability which is central to this strategic plan.
The quality theme for Fakeeh Care will be defined by SOAPEE, which stands for Safety, Outcomes, Access, Patient centered, Engagement and Efficiency.
The goal is to have quality as the cornerstone of how Fakeeh Care will operate on a daily basis with a true quality management approach.


Delivering the appropriate care by the appropriate providers - integration can improve the patient experience and find efficiencies in the system

This is about seizing integration opportunities that will improve both the patient and family experience and patient outcomes by working to break down the silos and create a seamless patient journey. 

Advancing integration is, in part, about looking inward at the opportunities to strengthen internal programs and departmental collaborations at Fakeeh Care. 


Compassion & empowering at the heart of our innovation

With overarching goals to develop, implement and evaluate new approaches and new technologies, Fakeeh Care can be a leader in achieving transformation through innovation. 

The innovations we adopt do not have to be exclusively invented here; there are many innovations and best practices to be identified around the world, inside and outside of healthcare. 

To commence this journey, we must first develop an innovation strategy to serve as the guiding framework for all innovation initiatives at Fakeeh Care. Similar to our quality journey, early investments will need to be made in designing the right approach, investing in the appropriate infrastructure and settling the key innovation principles.