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Professor Mohammed Salleh Ardawi isa Professor of Clinical Pathology (Clinical Biochemistry / Immunology) at Fakeeh College for Medical Sciences (FCMS), and a Consultant in Laboratory Medicine. Currently, he is the Dean of FCMS since January 2016.

He places strategic planning, medical education excellence, research and innovation at the core of his management and practice activities. As one of the leaders in medical education in Saudi Arabia, Professor Ardawi embraces and advocates best practices in medical education, quality improvement, accreditation and empowerment of his staff and students.

Professor Ardawi studied at the University of Oxford, Merton College and Pembroke College, Oxford, UK, and obtained his MA and PhD in Clinical Biochemistry from the same university. He was a member and now with a fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists(London, UK) (Clinical Biochemistry) since 1996. He obtained an MBA and an MScin Medical Education from London University, UK. He contributed to the development of the various strategic plans of the College of Medicine, King AbdulazizUniversity (KAU), Ministry of Higher Education (now of Education) and Ministry of Health among other organizations during the past 30 years. He worked as senior administrative executive in several private hospitals including DSFH (COO for 4 years) in Jeddah and Makkah during the last period.

In 1984, then Dr Ardawi joined the College of Medicine at KAU and promoted to Professorship in 1995, during the same period he was practicing as a Consultant in Laboratory Medicine at KAU Hospital (KAUH) and supervising the Laboratory Services rendered by the Clinical Biochemistry Laboratories at KAUH. He served as a Vice Dean for Academic Affairs at KAU for 7 years and as a Dean for several months during which he led the transformation of the MBBS Program in 1998, into a student-centered integrated program which was then implemented in 12 other Medical Colleges in various University branches and other universities throughout Saudi Arabia.

He established the first Medical Scientific Chair in KSA in “Osteoporosis Research” hosted in the College of Medicine at KAU in 2002 which was then transformed into the “Center of Excellence for Osteoporosis Research” in 2008 (supported by Ministry of Higher Education for 5 years), and continued as its founding Executive Director until 2016. He supervised more than 50 MSc and 10 PhD students over the years. He taught medical, dental, and other health sciences students for more than 30 years at KAU and other national and international universities.

Professor Ardawi contributed to many administrative quality assurance and accreditation programs as founding executive committees at various national levels in governmental (NCAAA) and private organizations in Saudi Arabia. He worked as a consultant to MOHE (now MOE) and SCFHS for several years covering private medical education in the Western region of Saudi Arabia.He contributed to editorial review and peer-review for several international and national journals in medical and health sciences and was the regional representative of the Royal College of Pathologists (UK) in KSA for more than 8 years. He is a member of several international scientific societies and academic organizations in Europe and North America. Professor Ardawi published more than 200 seminal scientific papers published in international peer-reviewed journals with high impact factor and 11 books in Medical Physiology, Clinical Pathology and Metabolic Diseases and has four USA registered patents in nano formulation of Lycopene, bone patch, stem cells,  and bone health.