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Khadija Attar Center


Children with special needs is an area of intense attention where a dedicated approach is a necessity. Khadija Attar Center (KAC) for children with special needs is one of Fakeeh Care initiatives with the motive to bring a solution to this important matter and ease the lives of struggling families.

Our services are curated in line with the global standards of care and we ensure that utmost care and compassion is added to our services under this initiative. We train our staff regularly on the sensitivity of the section, which has resulted in high levels of satisfaction and happiness index of the parents and the children we cater to.

Khadija Attar Center provides children with special needs (birth to 12 years old) an array of medical, educational, rehabilitation and entertainment services.

Aspire to the development and empowerment of children with special needs and their families respectively in order to guide them to be able to live independently.

Both, Vocational Rehabilitation and Educational Integration, contribute to the integration of children with special needs in their community.
The Khadija Attar Center for Children with Special Needs trained, so far, over 200 students who are majoring in the field.

Merged numerous students with special needs, successfully, in public schools.

Khadija Attar Center for Children with Special Needs developed and implemented a valuable program in collaboration with the Fakeeh Medical Team